Electrical Foundation

About the Program

The Langley School District offers the SkilledTradesBC Youth Train in Trades Electrical program at D.W. Poppy Secondary School. This full-time program, in partnership with BCIT, offers SD35 students the opportunity to participate in SkilledTradesBC recognized Foundation Technical Training (includes Level 1). Students earn high school course credits, as well as post-secondary credits, while learning the required skills and knowledge to become an apprentice upon program completion.


Develop Professional Industry Skills

  • Plan, design, assemble, install, test and repair power equipment and systems
  • Troubleshoot and maintain complex electrical systems for safe and efficient operation
  • Work in residential, commercial and industrial settings using advanced knowledge and practical skills



  • Be registered in the Langley School District
  • Be 18 or younger on June 30 of application year
  • Have not graduated from high school before starting the program
  • Have intention to graduate



  • Have completed before the start of the program:
    • Grade 11
    • English 12

      Click on image above to view Electrical Program Guide.

    • Physics 11
    • Math 11 and 12 – Foundations or Pre-Calculus (Pre-Calculus strongly recommended)
  • Recommended:
    • Experience in electrical
    • Physics 12


Keys to Success

  • Regular attendance and a solid commitment to the program
  • Demonstrate maturity and job readiness to work in the industry
  • Can do careful and exacting work
  • Good manual dexterity/ability to work with hand and power tools
  • Able to solve complex math calculations
  • Physically able to do electrical construction work
  • Comfortable working in teams with adult classmates


Learn More

  • Still have questions or want to apply? Contact your school’s Career Advisor or use our Contact Form
  • Career Trek video – Learn about being an electrician from one who works on residential, commercial and industrial projects

  • SD35 Electrical Program Tour video – See the classroom and equipment and meet the program’s instructor