Work And Volunteer Experience (WAVE)


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  • A high school course that students normally complete outside of school hours at an employer’s place of business
  • Students are placed with employers/organizations to job shadow and/or perform the duties of an entry level employee
  • Students gain experience and new skills in the workplace they wouldn’t be able get at school
  • Students use the skills they have learned in school and apply them at the workplace



  • Earn up to eight elective credits (equals two courses) towards graduation outside of school
  • Get paid or gain volunteer experience while earning school graduation credits
  • Gain experience in almost any industry/occupation
  • Have a placement with a new employer or continue where you are already working/volunteering
  • Acquire skills and experience employers want
  • Get a head start on your career
  • Have a smoother transition from school to work
  • Potential to be offered paid employment with employers
  • Take more than nine courses in a school year, does not impact current school schedule
  • Find your own employer or connect with the assistance of a teacher



  • Be in grade 10-12
  • Have parent/guardian permission
  • Follow expectations from SD35, your school and your employer
  • Work/volunteer up to 170 hours with an employer
  • Arrange your own transportation to/from the employer
  • Complete school requirements in order to participate in a placement



  • Complete work after school, weekends during school breaks (winter, summer, spring)
  • Best to sign up during course selection but can register anytime during the school year



  • There are two parts for this course. What you do for school and what you do for the employer.
  • Your schoolwork will be done with the WAVE teacher at your school or an LEC WAVE teacher.
  • The hours you complete with an employer will be at their place(s) of business.